How does Chrysalis work?

Key Innovations include:

Custom-built container orchestrator to optimize cloud resource allocation and simplify deployments.

Custom monitoring services for instance, container and application monitoring to ensure high uptime.

Streaming + compute platform that can collect data from any device and real-time analysis.

Dynamic compute assignment system and a proprietary method of reducing resource variability.

Competition & feature description

Amazon Kinesis, Lambda & Fargate, as well as Apache Kafka and Spark are commonly used for similar purposes. Here is how we differ from the Amazon services and Apache services:

AWS Kinesis

Chrysalis streaming nodes offers the ability to stream and process video and perform video analytics in the same node, reducing latency and unnecessary data transfer costs.

AWS Lambda / Fargate

Chrysalis processing nodes provide compute power required to analyze streaming data. Users can access streaming or stored data easily & securely using Chrysalis SDK and stream insights back to applications with low latency. Chrysalis processing nodes don’t have any runtime or function size limitations.

Apache Kafka / Spark

Chrysalis is an easy-to-use framework optimized for stream media processing. Users can scale to any number of streaming endpoints, without worrying about server provisioning or maintenance.

Why is Chrysalis Cloud a superior offering?

We are substantially less expensive than Amazon's streaming data analysis stack (50-75%), contact us for a quote!

Managed platform that provides an end-to-end solution to collect, analyze and process streaming data.

Developer- , container-based deployments that makes it easy to get started.

We can offer a fully managed service or a la carte services depending on the customer need