The first serverless end-to-end data streaming and analytics cloud platform.

Save 70% on your cloud costs

We are Your Alternative to AWS Kinesis and Lambda

Chrysalis Cloud is the first serverless data streaming and real-time analytics platform. 
We help companies efficiently collect, process and analyze streaming data at a fraction of the cost of current products, either as a fully managed service or as a standalone streaming service / standalone processing service. 
Chrysalis customers benefit from faster deployment times, substantial cost savings and new use cases for real-time advanced analytics.

Product Offering

Can be offered as separate services or a fully-managed solution
Chrysalis Data Streaming Service

Ingest data streams reliably - including real-time video and audio - from any data source or any data format from any number of sources.

Eliminates data loss using source and destination buffering, as well as offering end-to-end encryption. Light-weight and easy to set up compared to existing services.

Chrysalis Data Processing Service

We help customers analyze video streams without the limitations on job duration and job size of existing compute solutions. As a result, we open the door for affordable real-time AI & ML functionality.

Data can come from your streaming / stored data or the Chrysalis Data Streaming service.

Chrysalis Data Streaming Service

Easily index and store your data streams in the cloud. Add custom metadata to simplify retrieval process.

Access stream stored data (including video) within your applications with easy to use APIs.

Coming Soon

We make real-time processing of streaming data easy and efficient, unlocking substantial value for our customers

Faster Development

We help our customers focus on their core businesses instead of on building & maintaining pipelines

Improved QoS

Ultra low end-to-end latency and fewer points of failure under our managed service

Cost Savings

Substantial cost savings in media streaming ( vs. Kinesis) and compute (vs. Lambda), as well as monitoring and data transfer (vs. Cloudwatch)

AI / ML Enabler

Perform real time analytics (including ML / AI) on streaming media, on demand and in the cloud

Use Cases

Streaming video analytics
Continuous IoT data
Machine Learning / AI